Variety Shows

Jam Sandwich

Jam Sandwich: Classic Rock for Kids (and their parents)

Jam Sandwich is a professional rock band whose concerts appeal to kids AND parents. We were motivated to put this act together after having sat through torturous hours of kids' shows that make no attempt to interest the parents in the audience.

Our show is geared towards kids aged 4 to 12. It lacks those elements of a standard stadium rock concert usually peppered with ne'er-do-wells and other night-time scaries. Instead, parents can expect a show that is, dare we say, wholesome and fun.

In this interactive show, we perform songs we wish to expose our own children to. Of course, Black Sabbath and Eminem didn't make the list (give them time…). Instead, you will hear The Beatles, Buddy Holly, The Monkees, Creedence Clearwater Revival, etc.

Kidz Kidding

Paul, Mary Lou, and George are three distinct characters whose musical antics take young audiences through a wide variety of musical styles, including popular movie themes, as well as original songs from their three recordings. Shows include songs from their newest release, "Chase A Rainbow". Their hi-tech musical arrangements and sound production are only surpassed by Mary Lou's constant efforts to try and control Paul and George's "kidding around." Audience participation takes on many unique forms in each different show.

“Santa Clause”

Paul Decker has been providing outstanding

"Santa Clause" performances for both corporate and private functions for over 15 years. Paul’s portrayal of this cultural icon is unforgettable.

As Santa, Paul has been on TV, radio shows, promotions and commercials. He has also been known to do Christmas Eve house calls.

The Cowguys

The Cowguys are an Ottawa based performing duo who have been delighting audiences worldwide since1990. "100 % Canadian Ground Beef" is the title of their award winning show, in which they expertly blend circus, western and magic skills with dexterity, wit, danger, and stupidity. A comic explosion waiting to happen, the Cowguys are "Guaranteed Fresh" and will make your sides hurt from laughing too much. If causing excessive laughter was a crime they'd be illegal.

"100% Canadian Ground Beef" features a barrage of tricks laced with continuous patter between themselves and the audience. They create a nonstop roller-coaster ride of a show by expertly meshing a high level of technical skill with their tried and tested characters. Also avid ad-libbers, The Cowguys love to interact with the crowd and find humour amongst their spectators. Their best shows are those in which the crowd "creates" it's own material. Aside from keeping shows interesting for themselves, these ad-libbed bits are what keep crowds coming back to see The Cowguys' show again and again.

That Magic Guy

No other form of entertainment is more universal than magic and no other magician is more flexible than - Peter Mennie, THAT MAGIC GUY! Over thirty years experience performing in every situation, for every age group, guarantees that he can entertain at your next gathering: for business or pleasure! His audience has fun and they will remember your event long after it is over!

The Funniest Magician You Will See This Year!

Murder Mystery Interactive Theatre