Thank you Cathy Richardson of Blue Angel Productions for setting up our band CODA to perform at Stonewalls in Hamilton. Your professionalism throughout the whole process was amazing and CODA was so thrilled with the Venue. Stonewalls is a top notch live entertainment venue with great staff, ownership and management. The sound, stage, lights is first class and CODA was treated fantastic. Thank you again your company was fantastic to deal with! We look forward to dealing with you again!

 'Blue Angel Productions is loyal and determined. They will work hard to make both the venue and the artists happy, while not compromising any of their 'down-home family values'..– Design Themes
 'September 22, 2004
Eden Hill is a 5-piece cover band that has been working with Cathy Richardson of Blue Angel Productions for approximately 3 years.
We have always considered Blue Angel to be one of the most professional agencies to deal with on every level. We have always been put into rooms that were condusive to our style of music, which makes for a better playing experience and happier patrons.
From the contract stage to receiving our cheque, we have always been happy with the way Blue Angel conducts business..

Sincerely,– Catherine Bragdon lead singer, Eden Hill
IdleAire Technologies Corporation
410 N. Cedar Bluff Rd., Suite 200
Knoxville, TN 37923
 ' To Whom It May Concern:
This letter is to inform you of IdleAire Technologies relationship with truck driver and musician GM Paterson. GM is a million-mile driver with an impeccable safety record. In addition, he is a songwriter/singer of some note. He has opened for Brooks & Dunn and Michelle Wright, and has headlined at smaller venues, such as rodeos, fairs and industry shows. His fan base and CD sales are growing every day. (See P. 6 of the enclosed Spring 2003 issue of Aire Times for more background on GM.)
Because of his status as an active, longtime driver, his growing recognition within the "truck driving" music genre, his enthusiasm for the IdleAire system, his work ethic and personality, and his interaction with the driver audience, we have designated GM as IdleAire's driver spokesman. We provided support and assistance with his first CD, Overdrive, which was released in May 2003, and is currently available at Fifth Wheel Truck Stops and CD Baby. We also use GM in our IdleAire Training Video (enclosed) that we utilize at all our IdleAire sites on our Kiosk TVs, on the IdleAire TV Channels accessed from the cabs of trucks, on many of the TV systems in the Travel Center stores, and in Fleet Startup Kits we mail to newly signed up IdleAire Partner Fleets. Additionally, we provide a link from our homepage at www.idleaire.com to his homepage. You may want to review GM's Website at www.gmpaterson.com for his current performance schedule, testimonial letters, etc.
As our footprint grows and our system becomes more available to more drivers, we anticipate utilizing GM at IdleAire grand openings, trade shows and conferences, fleet events (picnics, safety meetings, etc..), driver appreciation days at travel centers, and other venues where appropriate.
I trust this letter, along with the enclosures, will adequately depict our relationship with GM. However, if you have additional questions, please don't hesitate to contact me at 865-342-3636 or via Email at tbadgett@idleaire.com or our marketing manager, Wray Williams, at 865-342-3643 or via Email at wwilliams@idleaire.com.,'..

Sincerely,– Tom Badgett Chief Information Officer IdleAire Technologies
 November 21, 2003
Hi Cathy, I hope that you enjoyed watching GM's. Matchmaker TV appearance! He was a wonderful guest and we enjoyed having him on the show! We've received great feedback on his show and we will definitely keep him in mind for other TV appearances! Good luck with everything and please call me if you have any questions.

Thanks again,–Line Producer, Matchmaker TV 416-341-9926 www.matchmakertv.ca
Hanging Tree 484 Plains Rd.
Burlington Ont. L7T 2E1
January 02, 04

 To Whom it May Concern
This is, a letter of reference for Cathy Richardson of Blue Angel Productions of Hamilton Ontario. Blue Angel Productions is the exclusive agent we have dealt with the past 9 years. Blue Angel Productions is professional and conducts themselves in a very business manner. When they are representing our club we can count on an upfront direction. They seek out potential bands for us and make appoint of going out and seeing them perform before they are brought into our establishment. Blue Angel Productions has always matched the right entertainment with our customers and keeps prices at a rate that is both fair to us and the bands that play. They always use contracts for all shows and present us with promotional material to use to promote our weekends. We would not hesitate to recommend them for any establishment for securing quality entertainment. If you have any questions don't hesitate to call.

Yours truly,–John Derubis Owner Operator
 September 6, 1998
To whom it may concern, I have been involved with Cathy Richardson and Blue Angel Productions for a year now. I am extremely pleased with our working relationship. Cathy is very honest, hardworking and always conducts heself in a professional manner, she believes in the projects she is involved with and stands behind everything she does. Cathy is always there with sound advice, positive guidance, and encouragement. She is continually making efforts to assist me in furthering my career, and goes above and beyond the call of duty to help me accomplish my goals. I would like to close by saying that it is a pleasure to work with Cathy Richardson and Blue Angel Productions. I believe she is an asset to the music industry.

Yours truly,–Tina Turley
 May 21, 1997
To whom it may concern, On behalf of Shawn Nelson & Mountain Access, I would like to take this opportunity to recognize the professionalism and tremendous support we have received over the past year from Cathy Phillips of Blue Angel Productions. Cathy took the time to come out and audition our group just after our first performance. She then offered valuable critique and constructive criticism which further enhanced our presentation to take us further towards our club circuit goals. Cathy was careful to match our level during each stage in our performing career with the corresponding venue, ensuring a positive outcome for alt parties involved. Each new venue, provided the opportunity to achieve our short-term goals, and re-establish greater more challenging goals. After fifteen months of working closely with Blue Angel Productions, we now perform throughout Southern Ontario, at some of the most selective, highly rated, New Country venues. We look forward to a successful year ahead, with the continued support and promotions of Blue Angel Productions. At this time, I would highly recommend the services of Cathy Phillips. Blue Angel Productions, without any hesitation.

Yours in music,–Colin Connors, Manager Shawn Nelson & Mountain Access
 May 21, 1997
To whom it may concern, It has been my pleasure to work with Blue Angel productions these last 6+ years. i find the agency both professional and very caring in it's quest to satisfy the needs of both it's costomers/venues,and of the acts on it's roster.the quality of the entertainment it represents is also top notch! I sincerely recommend Blue Angel to help you book your act or your venue.The professional and personalized attention is second-to-none.I am very satisfied in my own dealings with Blue Angel Productions, and i fully indend on conducting with them and having them represent me.I look forward to another 6+ years,...at least!!! :)

Yours,–Hamilton Entertainment and convention Facilities inc
 2003 December 11
WHOM IT MAY CONCERN, We would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge that over the last two years it has been a real pleasure to work with GM Paterson. GM Paterson Singer/Songwriter has performed for us on four different occasions, once in the Copps Coliseum Lobby for opening day of ticket sales for the Neon Circus Brooks and Dunn Tour Stop in Hamilton. He was then he was asked back to perform for the Tailgate Party for the actual Brooks and Dunn show where he warmed up the fans. GM Paterson was on our Hometown Talent Series which consisted of several area musicians and musical style shows. His show was his CD release for the CD called Overdrive. With an overwelming attendance, we were once again very pleased with GM's ability to perform a show that was attended by all ages. GM Paterson is easy to work with for all our staff and is a real crowd pleaser at any shows we involve him in. September 2003 marked the World Kick Off for International Recording Artist Shania Twain here at Copps Coliseum. We once again called on GM to be a very important part of this show as the exclusive act in our Outside Tailgate party. We had good feed back from families saying he was very good with the children in attendance. He performed for the thousands of people attending the Shania Concert. We would not hesitate to call on his management Blue Angel Productions for future bookings, and we look forward to working with him again for upcoming concerts. We would recommend him for any indoor or outdoor events. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to call us.

–John Elder Manager of Programming
–Hamilton Entertainment and Convention Facilities Inc. manages and operates The Hamilton Convention Centre, Hamilton Place Theatre and Copps Coliseum on behalf of The Corporation of The City of Hamilton.
 I have known Cathy since almost the beginning of her career. She has always crossed her t's and dotted her i's. She works for the artist as well as the buyer and is always fair. This year she came through for me like a Chrismas angel. I was so busy during the holiday season. Happy New Year and all the best! I look forward to working with her in the years to come.....
–James Anthony.
 To whom it may concern,
I have been working with Cathy Richardson of Blue Angel Productions for over two years now. I have never had an agent work harder for me in the 15 years that I've been performing in the entertainment industry. She goes above and beyond the call when it comes to ensuring I have all the details surrounding an upcoming performance. Her professionalism is second to none in this business and I couldn't recommend her more highly to anyone connected to the live music industry.

Yours Sincerely,–Yous Truly,
–Jonathan Russell
 Nov 27, 2002
Hi Cathy and Phil, Another year has passed, and again you and Phil have helped us to present another successful year at the Lincoln County Fair. You make the Entertainment Committee look great! If only they know all it took was a phone call and a brief meeting. This year was really tough, because last year was so good! It was hard to surpass! GM Paterson was all that you promised. We started getting phone calls about 2 weeks before the fair opened to assure that our web site was correct and that he was appearing. We assured customers that GM would be arriving. Boy did he arrive! His entrance in the truck was great and the audience loved it! Our stands were filled with happy customers and some of the volunteers broke away from duties to catch a glimpse of the show as well. This show was a great investment! Everyone on the grounds had a great time. Working with both of you is a joy! I can set a budget, send it to you and you send me back great bands! They always come through! See you in February!

–Nikki Whitehead Director of Marketing and Entertainment Lincoln County Fair www.lincolncountyfair.com
 Sep 4, 2001
Dear Cathy, Just a quick note, to thank you for the excellent job you've done regarding booking the Jack de Keyzer Band this summer of 2001. We have enjoyed working at the Whistling Walrus in Hamilton and the Winona Peach Festival engagement was a real treat. Your professionalism, enthusiasm and promptness with sending contracts is much appreciated. I'm sure that with your positive attitude, hard work and musical knowledge of knowing which act fits the bill, you will have a long and fruitful career. I wish you continued success with Blue Angel Productions and look forward to working with you again in the future.

–Yours, sincerely: –Jack de Keyzer
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